Purchase Order Mgt

The procurement function is critical to ensure necessary materials, supplies and services are available when required. Recording the negotiated prices and then performing the transactions using the same is one of the most common requirements of every agile organization.

POM’s capabilities make it a must for both manufacturing and distribution environments. When you link EnterpriseBiz™ POM with financials, it enables automatic insertion of Account Payable entries as soon as Purchase Bills are posted.


It is possible that you may have fixed rates for buying certain material from certain Suppliers. The Rate List facility in EnterpriseBiz™ will let you feed in the supplier-wise, item-wise rates for your Purchase Orders. This ensures that when anyone uses the supplier and item combination in the Purchase Order, the designated rates appear by default. You can also review and modify the rates with effect from a given date.


As with the other modules of EnterpriseBiz™, there exists a facility to link a document to its logical parent document. This facility allows one to pull data from Purchase Order into Material Receipts. This reduces the data entry required to key-in a receipt voucher and at the same time allows monitoring and reduces errors as the receipts are rated at the agreed PO prices.


The software enables mapping the Material Receipts to Purchase Orders and therefore, it can facilitate tracking pending purchase orders.

EnterpriseBiz™ POM generates Supplier-wise, Item-wise, Purchase Order-wise outstanding quantities and values.


If your setup requires so, POM module can capture Profit / Cost center details at the time of entering Purchase Order / Supplier’s Bills. This facilitates generation of profit / cost center-wise purchase analysis.


EnterpriseBiz™ POM has a link to financials. Using this link,  financial transactions such as Supplier’s Invoices can be directly posted to financials as soon as they are posted in POM. This reduces data entry efforts and ensures that correct figures go to correct account heads.