Why Your Business Should Consider a Serviced Office Solution



The small business problem

Do you have a small business and don’t have capital enough to finance your first office, and all that goes with it? Serviced offices allow you access to all the essential business services you need – you can even tailor the exact services you want, such as telephone and internet, printing services, meeting and conference rooms, catering facilities, cleaning and a host of others. Just decide on what your business needs and – and you’re ready to go.

With short term agreements – think monthly – you’ll get superb flexibility all for just one single payment each month. Yes, no need to waste time settling various invoices from various service providers – once you’ve selected your office package, all the essential services you require will be taken care of in your monthly rental payment.

The growing business problem

Do you have a growing business and need more space? Serviced offices can allow you to expand your operations easily. Depending on your business type, it could be as easy as simply moving everyone into a suitably sized serviced office with all the necessary office furniture and services already in place. Alternatively, you might consider moving one or two office-based departments into a serviced office location and freeing up valuable space in your existing location for more productive use.

You can easily find a wide range of serviced offices, with the capacity to cater for a handful of workers or up to 50 and more. No need to take on unnecessarily large new business premises just to get additional space – simply shop for exactly what you need right now with the knowledge that if you need to expand again in the future you’ll always have the option of adding on another office suite or taking over a larger one – still within the same office complex. Serviced offices offer the potential for seamless growth – and importantly – as global markets become ever more dynamic and responsive – the ability to just as easily downsize if needed, without having to up roots totally and find other smaller premises.

Outsourcing your office space requirements

If you’re starting a business in Swindon, expanding your business, or considering moving your business to Swindon, then it’s worthwhile looking at the various options for serviced offices provided in the area, such as the thedorcancomplex.com which is home to many successful enterprises.

Outsourcing your office needs, and office building management, through a serviced office solution makes good business sense on many levels in terms of time and money saved, not to mention all the hassles and headaches normally associated with maintaining business premise, allowing you to be free to focus on key business activities and growing your client base and revenue.