When Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?


Nowadays, architecture plays an integral role to the beauty of a city. Whether its skyscrapers, tall building, apartments, or exquisite shopping centres, attention is drawn towards designs that are unique and sleek. Ongoing maintenance is highly essential to keep the building’s exterior and interior appearance pristine; first impressions count for everything. Window cleaning plays a considerable role in this upkeep.

Not only does window cleaning lift a building’s appearance, but also influences the mood of the residents’ inside. How? Vitamin D levels in the blood have a monumental impact on a person’s happiness. Our most significant source comes from exposure to sunlight. The extra sunshine that falls inside these clean glass windows will have a positive effect on its occupants. Sunlight tends to reflect back off unpleasant surfaces; therefore, window cleanliness is crucial.

Clean Glass Windows
Clean Glass Windows

One of the most common questions we find ourselves answering is “how often should the windows be cleaned?” Typically, this can depend on four primary factors:


Where your building is situated can play a massive part in how often you should have your windows cleaned by commercial window cleaners. Buildings located in built-up areas that are exposed to a higher amount of pollution from neighbouring busy roads and crowded streets need cleaning regularly. The hustle and bustle of a city centre can quickly make an office block appear grimy. Buildings in quiet rural areas are less likely to incur a build-up of dirt and thus would need a far more infrequent service.

Weather Conditions

The weather is a crucial factor in deciding when to get the windows cleaned. Poor weather can leave unattractive streaks, debris, and mineral deposits behind that would need attending to more so than you would find in the in sunnier months.

Commercial Window Cleaner
Commercial Window Cleaner

The Surrounding Geography

In the peak of Summer and Autumn, it can be a troublesome battle to keep the windows clean. Sap, pollen, and natural debris can often find itself stuck to the glass; especially when the wet weather acts like glue between the two. It is a good idea to factor in the seasonal changes if you have a lot of trees around your building.

Your Building Type

As well as outward appearance it is important to factor in the architecture of the building. Some fiddly features – using inset windows as an example – are notorious for collecting grime and so it is always worth tailoring your schedule to suit the construction itself. The more the building is made of glass, the less room there is to hide; a filthy exterior can make an unforgiving impression on clients.

To maintain a flawless glass interior, weekly or bi-monthly cleaning is recommended. Nothing portrays a more welcoming and respected building that one with a manicured exterior and spotless glass.