Why Choosing a Virtual Landline Number is the Best Move for your Business


It is always important to make your business appear professional, no matter its size. This may seem obvious, yet many new businesses may not realise the impact that even their phone number can have on their business. The appearance of a phone number can either aid or hinder the formation of a customer base. This is why choosing a virtual landline may be the smartest decision you can make for your business. A virtual landline number can have many benefits for your business and also for you. These are just a few.

Virtual Landline Number
Virtual Landline Number

Get more business

Research shows that 77% of people prefer to call a phone number that displays an area code which is local to them. 75% of people said they were more likely to answer a call from their local area. By using a virtual landline, you can include local area codes in your phone number. With this, you’ll be more likely to connect with customers and get more call traffic. This can greatly increase the amount of business you receive from the local area and increase your profits.

Data protection

A virtual landline, also known as a virtual geographic number, can give your phone the appearance of a landline from anywhere in the UK. Many new business owners may opt to use their personal phone number for their work. This makes sense. It is cost-effective and convenient. But it comes with many threats to your personal data. Handing out your personal phone number to strangers means you have no control over what they do with that information. Skilled hackers are able to gain passwords, credit card information, photos and other personal information, just by having your phone number. This can cause large problems in your personal and business life, but these can be avoided through the use of a virtual landline. It hides your phone number and therefore hides your personal data. There will be less reason to worry about your business breaching any data protection laws.

Virtual Number
Virtual Number

Being able to disconnect

If you are using your personal phone number, it may be difficult to disconnect from work during weekends or holidays. There are services available to help separate your work and personal life when using a virtual landline. You can create auto-messages to respond to missed calls with vital information. With this, more customers are likely to leave a voicemail or call back later. This will reduce the impact of missed calls on a loss of revenue.

Staff control

If you have employees that use their personal phone numbers to engage with clients, there is no way to track customer-staff interactions. A virtual landline can offer you control over this. It allows you to ensure that business-customer interactions are beneficial to you and your company.

Investing in a virtual landline number can protect your data, help keep your work and personal life separate and help you connect better with your target customers. Get in touch with Smart Numbers Ltd to find out more information about virtual landline numbers.