Two Most Important Things You Must Know Before Switching To A Lease Owner Operator


Are you considering switching to an owner operator from a company driver? If yes, then it certainly means that you are a good driver and enjoy being on road. Since you have good experience with the industry, you know the in and outs and definitely are looking forward to make a bright future.

Well, of course you will be leaving all the benefits like health insurance, investment opportunities, retirement plan, steady paycheck, etc. by quitting your job, but against it, you get an opportunity to create your own future.

Once you are an owner operator, you can decide you own freight and how much money you want to make out of it. If you are confident enough to do it, then here are some handy tips for you.

Tips for a new leased owner operator:

Well, when it is about trucking business, there is not much, but just the two most important things to keep in mind – the company you lease to and maintaining the condition of your truck. If you can keep these two things on track, then you can surely run a successful business.

  1. The company you lease to

It is strongly recommended that never purchase a truck from the same trucking company for which you were hauling. Most companies design such lease programs with an intention to make the most out of it. In simple words, they will never offer you good money and their sole intention is to make more money out of you than what they were getting when you use to work for them.

When looking for a company to lease vehicles from, always go for the one whose owner operators have good experience. Try taking reference from other drivers and you will have the most ideal option in your hand. Besides, go for a company which offers truck financing with no money down unless you have a lot of money on hand.

Lastly, always pick a company which will allow you to decide your own freight and offer a flexible work environment. Keep in mind, the biggest advantage of becoming an owner operator is that you can take time off as per your convenience. If you are stuck with more responsibility and are getting stressed out, then it is better to go to your old job.

  1. Maintenance of your vehicle

There is no doubt about the fact that you need to take good care of your vehicles and the first thing to do so is driving safely and carefully. Ideally, you must pick a company, which pays you highest rate per mile and allows you to drive at your own pace. The best average to drive is 55-60 miles per hour.

Make sure that you are getting monthly oil change and grease jobs. Also, update yourself a little about how to maintain a truck. After all, it will be really frustrating to pay for something you don’t even understand. Next, always get your truck maintained by a ASE certified mechanic and pick a work shop, which offers all services under one roof.

  1. Be patience and realistic

Switching to an owner operator will require hard work, time, determination and a lot of patience. Also, keep in mind that if you have a lot of driving experience, then it doesn’t mean that you have skills of an owner operator too. So, plan your business strategy well and update it as when you need.