The Signs of Business Opportunity Fraud


There are so many reason why starting a business is a good idea. Maybe we’ve been

downsized, maybe we have to pay for car repairs, and maybe we just want the

freedom extra money can give us. Whatever the reason, starting a business can be

a good idea and the great thing is we can start a business from our own living room.

The bad thing is we can easily be lured into a business opportunity by the promise of

great wealth with very little work. We have to exercise caution when looking at

business opportunities because fraud is everywhere.

The signs of fraud can be easy to spot; you just have to know what to look for. If

you see a print ad or an online ad that promises great wealth and an 800 number to

call, be skeptical. Always remember this, just because they are advertising in a

reputable magazine or website doesn’t mean they are legitimate.

If the business opportunity sounds too good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Better

Business Bureau’s nationwide have established some key phrases to look for. “Work

part-time” and “no experience necessary” are two such phrases that can tip you off

that what you’re looking at is business opportunity fraud.

The Better Business Bureau has also identified these business opportunities as “high

risk” for being involved with scams and fraud: Vending machines, pay phones,

display racks, medical billing.

The Better Business Bureau is definitely your ally in determining fraud. Always check

with them before you take advantage of a business opportunity. Think you might have

already been the victim of fraud? Report it! File a report with the Attorney General’s

Office of your state and also file with the Federal Trade Commission. Sure you might

not be able to get your money back, but you might help others from losing theirs.

Great opportunities do exist to run your own business. The most important thing is do

your homework before getting involved. The due diligence beforehand can stop fraud in

its tracks.