The Characteristics of a Great IT Support Consultant


IT Support Consultants have a reputation for being introverted and uncommunicative. We all know the cliché – an obscure heavy-metal t-shirt and ungroomed appearance, speaking a language that’s probably English but often unrecognisable as such. Someone who can see a page of code and hone in on exactly the bit they want. These people are brilliant at what they do, but not always the easiest people to work with.

But what is it that makes a great IT support consultant?

IT Support with Communication Skill
IT Support with Communication Skill

Social Skills

There are plenty of skilled technical folk with a gift for communication, who can hold a conversation and make people laugh. These are the best people to employ on an IT support help desk. They communicate with the frustrated member of staff and put them at ease, before getting to the natty gritty of the problem in question.

One of the biggest problems for an IT support desk is the language differential, even if both sides are speaking a common language. On the IT side, there are the technical terms that may be obvious to them but are frequently double Dutch to the uninitiated. On the customer side, there’s often a confused staff member trying to explain what they’re seeing, often with their own colloquial jargon. A good support consultant needs the ability to cut through this, listen to the user and understand what’s being said. After all, it’s often the case with technology that the problem being experienced is merely a symptom of what is actually at fault. Being able to understand and explain this is priceless.

IT Support
IT Support

Learning on the Job

The best IT support consultants are enthusiasts for the technology they work with. They’re self-motivated and spend their days learning about the latest software upgrades and how to deal with current threats. They are people who spend their spare time installing and upgrading the latest high-tech kit for their own use. So when a problem strikes a business, chances are they already know how to deal with it.

Whilst learning is important and keeping up to date is essential, much of this work is instinctive. Good support consultants know how to deal with problems, because at their very core they understand how things work. As often as not, they can simply think their way round a problem.

Great IT Support
Great IT Support

Fast and Flexible

Being able to get to the root of a problem and solve it quickly is how most laypeople judge a technical expert. They won’t be particularly impressed that a consultant has an encyclopaedic knowledge of a system if they then go off at a tangent to demonstrate their knowledge. Support consultants need to get to the heart of a problem and sort out a fix, quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

This is the level of professionalism that’s displayed by the best of the breed. Learning and researching issues is great, but delivering solutions is key.

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