Strategic Sourcing Platform Is Your Way To Go!


If you have been in the supply chain industry, e-sourcing is your key to moving forward. Unlike the traditional methods of supply chain, this contemporary form brings along some of the finest and the most efficient techniques to go about your business. Let us start off by going through what strategic sourcing is all about.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Strategic Sourcing Platform

One of the key collaborations of the digital and traditional supply chain processes can be witnessed with e-sourcing. To explain it in the simplest of terms, it is a single portal where all the suppliers can meet. Think of the portal as a marketplace. Every supplier of a certain product can be found at that marketplace so you don’t have to go individually to each and every supplier. Everything and everyone is available at a single place. This is the concept that e-sourcing has brought along.

There is a lot more to e-sourcing than to just accept bids. The portal also allows for several different tools to be used in order to assist the entire supply chain process. For instance, Scanmarket’s Strategic Sourcing Platform includes services like Spend Analysis, eSourcing, Contract Management, eLearning, and a lot more.

Benefits of the Platform

• Transparency

One of the greatest benefits of such a platform is that you get to enjoy complete transparency. Features such as eSourcing play a great factor in helping companies in improving their framework. This helps the suppliers better understand how their products are likely to be marketed.

Strategic Sourcing
Strategic Sourcing

• Cost Efficiency

Another great feature of a strategic sourcing platform is that it allows companies to save a great deal of costs. A great example is that of the US federal government. Back in 2010, it implemented this software and reaped 22% in savings by 2014. In addition to that, the platform also plays a factor in letting businesses achieve a wide range of objectives.

• Competitiveness

If you take part in eSourcing, you allow yourself to understand your competition well. Regardless of whether you win the business via eSourcing or not, the insight you gain can help you improve your work processes and adapt to techniques that are beneficial for your business.


• eSourcing Platforms

There is a wide variety of platforms present that will help you join the portal and reap its exquisite benefits. However, one that is quite commonly opted for is available at The reason why so many companies today tend to opt for the Scanmarket platform is that it brings a wide range of services along with it.

Furthermore, the fact that this software is trusted by over three hundred customers spread over fifty countries only adds to its greatness. The platform currently operates in countries including Germany, Denmark, UK, US, and Italy. Apart from all this, the software leads the market in aspects of Savings and Spend Management.

In a nutshell, strategic sourcing platforms and eSourcing are the modern ways of conducting your supply chain business. It might seem like an alternative at the moment, but it won’t be long before strategic sourcing platform becomes a necessity to survive in the industry.