Step By Step Guide On What To Expect From Your Seattle Movers


If you are planning for your first that does not involve bribing your friends to help you package your belongings, you need to start learning exactly what you will be getting for your money. The good news is that you can choose terms and conditions under which to engage the Seattle moving companies. For instance, you can choose to pay the mover on hourly basis or for full service move. Most companies actually charge hourly rates for the local moves. Before the moving day, you need to know how the process works. Here is a breakdown of what reputable Seattle movers should do.

The first thing that the mover should do is to size up your stuff. The company will send a professional to your apartment to look at your furniture, appliances and other things that you intend to move. This way, the mover will be able to give you accurate estimates. Some companies usually ask clients to send photos of their house showing what they want moved. While this is also acceptable, a home visit is still the best option.

Once the mover has visited your premise, the next step would be for him to provide you with a written estimate. A signed estimate will be very helpful when comparing quotes from several companies. A signed estimate will also be required in case of dispute with your mover at a later date.

Once you accept the estimates, the next important step is to set a date for the move. This, the company should do after consulting with you. If possible, you should also get to choose from a range of dates.

Once the date is set; the next step for the mover to pack your possessions. Packing fee should always be included in the moving cost especially for long distance moves. A number of moving companies also insist on packing everything for the insurance reasons.

After packing the next step is to load up the truck. This should be done by a special crew trained to move and secure heavy items. Generally, it is a good idea to be available during the loading just to ensure that everything has been loaded.

After this, the truck will take off with all your valuables loaded on it. The truck driver will however be required to keep you posted on a regular basis. Some moving companies also offer technology that allows you to track you move online.

In very rare instances, the company might to be required to store your stuff. For instance, if you got a delay between vacating your previous apartment and getting a new one, you will need a temporary storage in transit. There are companies that usually provide temporary storage for free for a few months but you might have to pay for offloading and then reloading your items again.

The final step is usually to deliver your goods at your new place. On this day, a crew of movers will come to your place to help with offloading and deliver each item to the right room. You will however have to do the unpacking by yourself unless you are willing to pay extra money for this service.