Outsourcing Payroll Services vs. Full Time Payroll Officer


Every business needs a payroll officer. This person is in charge of distributing salaries to employees. They keep all the records and necessary documents to avoid inconsistencies and problems with government agencies. If you run a small business though, you might not be able to afford to pay for a full time staff member. But, you still need someone to do your payroll.

In this case, you might want to consider outsourcing payroll services. This is popular among small businesses. The good thing about outsourcing this service is that you will save money. You will only hire the person when you need the service. It would be just like a few hours a month. The difference between a full time staff member and a part time service is around £180 to £350.

There is an advantage in hiring a full time staff member though. You are assured that this person will only be working for you. They are bound to keep private all the documents that you share. When you outsource this service, you might run the risk of having your private information divulged. This is true especially if you have partnered with the wrong payroll service firm. The good thing is that if you properly screen the company you partner with, then it won’t be a problem. You can be certain that none of the information you have shared will be made public. Besides, you can always write a contract to be signed by both parties even before you start the process.

Changing your payroll officer

Another disadvantage to hiring a full time staff member for payroll is that it won’t be easy for you to change this person if you feel like they are not doing the job right. On the other hand, if you outsource payroll, you can terminate the service once it is over. If you feel like you have not been given the kind of service you want, you can just look for other options. There is no pressure to keep your partnership with the same firm or individual for the following month.

Fast and easy

The best part of payroll outsourcing is that you can finish everything easily. You simply need to look for a firm to help you out. In some cases, they have an online portal where you can simply encode the necessary information. They can process everything even if you have only spoken with each other online. Before you know it, the process will be completed. Usually, it takes a few hours only. It depends on the size of the company.

Given these reasons, it is in your best interest to outsource payroll services.