Mr. Giunta is the Founder and CEO of BlackPlum, LLC, and the general accomplice for BlackPlum Properties, LP, and a land speculation store. For just about two decades, Mr. Giunta has been a venture counsel, capital allocator and/or administrator of land assets. Among his asset ventures incorporate various SFR home advancements all through CA, a $5.5mill condo working in Phoenix, AZ and a $22.4mill land securing outside St. George, Utah. Mr. Giunta is a land specialist; authorized with the Department of Real Estate. David Giunta initiated his vocation with Arthur Andersen, examining Fortune 500 organizations. He established and served as president of Wealth Management, LLC, an enlisted venture guide, from 2001 through 2008.

He is additionally the co-chief of the Option Income Program. In January 2008, Mr. Giunta propelled the Optimum Income Program, a business sector impartial venture methodology that exchanges alternatives on the S&P 500 Index. Mr. Giunta established Newport Private Capital Holdings, LLC and went about as its CEO from January 2006 through 2010. Mr. Giunta was a central of Newport Private Capital, LLC, a CFTC-enrolled item pool administrator and ware exchanging consultant, from February 2007 through 2010, and remains a related individual. He was additionally the author and president of Wealth Management, LLC, an enlisted speculation counsel, from May 2001 to August 2008. He has more than 20 years’ involvement in budgetary administrations, including roughly 12 years as an enrolled delegate and 15 years as a speculation counselor agent. Mr. Giunta began his profession out in the open bookkeeping , amid which time he put in two years with Arthur AndersenHe graduated Cum Laude from Ohio University with a BS degree in Accounting Pre-Law.

Mr. Giunta was additionally president of Springboard Capital Corporation, a money related administrations holding organization, from May 2003 through December 2004. From January 2003 to April 2006, Mr. Giunta was an enrolled illustrative of Springboard Securities, Inc., an enlisted specialist merchant. From November 1999 to January 2003, Mr. Giunta was the president of Wealth Management Corporation, a budgetary administration holding organization, and an enrolled illustrative of Mutual Service Corp., an enlisted representative merchant. Mr. Giunta graduated Cum Laude from Ohio University with a BS in bookkeeping/pre-law in June 1990. He has been giving money related administrations to more than 17 years, incorporating the initial four out in the open bookkeeping. Notwithstanding being an authorized CPA, Mr. Giunta holds various different licenses and assignments, including yet not constrained to an AICPA-certify Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) assignment and venture counsel agent.

The Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County is focused on helping kids with down disorder learn in an alternate and viable way. David and his significant other are fervent supporters of the coordination rather than detachment of kids with down disorder from their companions. Youngsters gain from the companions, and, in this manner, those with down disorder ought to go to a normal class. Truth be told, David’s child was the principal youngster with down disorder to be put in standard classes.