Knowing When to Find A New Supply Chain Management Company


If production materials aren’t delivered in a timely manner, your entire business suffers. Production schedules need to be reworked, clients need to be informed of delays and uncertainty becomes the order of the day. Although a number of supply chain management companies make lofty promises, not all of them are able to make good on their boasts. When the company you’ve entrusted with important deliveries can’t be depended on, it’s generally a good idea to move on. While no business is completely without its flaws, supply chain management companies that consistently make large-scale blunders should not be among your business’s list of contacts. If your current transport service is guilty of any of the following offenses, don’t hesitate to replace them.

Persistent Delays

You’d be hard-pressed to find a supply chain management company with a flawless track record on the timeliness front. Nearly every company that specializes in freight has a handful of unfortunate delays under its belt. In some instances, these delays are facilitated by forces outside of the company’s control, like extreme weather, vehicle accidents and congested traffic. While an occasional transit snafu is understandable, delays should not occur with any degree of regularity. If an employee is habitually tardy, he or she is typically put on probation and fired if the problem persists. Adopting this same approach to supply chain management companies can save you a considerable amount of hassle.

Lengthy Delays

When weighing the pros and cons of firing your current transport service, remember to take the length of the delays into account. For example, many businesses don’t fire workers for walking in a few minutes late, so terminating your contract with a transport company for not making deliveries right on the dot may be jumping the gun. When it comes to freight deliveries, give drivers a 20 to 30-minute window after the agreed-upon time. This is particularly important for shipments that are driven across long distances. If a company’s drivers are consistently more than half an hour late, start looking into potential replacements.

Refusal to Admit Mistakes

No one enjoys doing business with companies that go out of their way to avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes. To be fair, some clients make unreasonable demands of transport services. Again, there’s no accounting for severe weather conditions and unexpected traffic jams. However, if every single delayed shipment is blamed exclusively on forces outside the company’s control, this is often a red flag. Every company makes the occasional blunder, and transport services that are unwilling to acknowledge this and take steps to ensure certain mistakes don’t happen again aren’t worth your time or money.

In addition to doing you a tremendous disservice, unreliable transport companies also create delays for your clients. If your current supply chain management company has inhibited your production schedule time and again, there’s no time like the present to send them packing. If they’re consistently proven themselves incapable of upholding their end of your arrangement, it’s only fitting that you find a company capable of picking up the slack.