Intensive Mixers: All you need to know


The Intensive Blade Mixers functioning with Profile Helical Reversed Blades are one of the highest performing industrial mixer for optimized processes mainly used as mixer for powders and granules. Profile Helical Reversed blades produce a movement that is three-dimensional, thus helping particles mix for powders and grind in a short time interval. This range of industrial mixer performs two main processes:

• Batch Processes
• Continuous Processes

Industrial Mixer
Industrial Mixer

For both processes, the design standard is similar with PHR blades built in the shaft and the horizontal vessel with standard customizing options like:

• Waterproofing vessels and other inbuilt tools
• A cleaning system
• Sampling system and liquid sprays
• Flexible discharge options

Let us now look into the performance of the industrial mixer when it comes to batch and continuous processes.

Intensive Mixer Design For Batch Processes

Batch processing means processing the same unit separately into separate batches whose physical type may or may not be different. Thus in these cases, products with low dilution coefficients along with choppers of high velocity are used as mixer for powders and other fine mixing processes. The two discharge options in this case are:

Intensive Mixer
Intensive Mixer

Drop Bottom Discharge which delivers the best performance in terms of optimized discharge in less time.
Discharge Gate is a better alternative in financial terms where the efficiency varies for different types of batches.
Applications: Friction Materials, Adhesives for Ceramic Tiles, Hydraulic Mortars, Explosives and Metallic Powders.

Intensive Mixer Design For Continuous Processes

Continuous processing involves generating the same type of end products at regular time intervals. Limited components are used in this kind of processes as only components with a capability to handle uninterrupted mixing can be used. The two discharge options in this case are:

Mixer For Powders
Mixer For Powders

Direct Discharge where the system is built up to mix in both forward and backward direction for creating pressure points that mix the raw materials continuously.
Overflow Discharge where an overflow gate guides the major volume of the product to spread and discharge through the extreme end of the vessel.
Applications: Soil Treatment, Mines, Animal Feeding and Mixing Building Materials.

With its wide range of applications and processes with excellent discharge techniques, these industrial mixers suit the need for many different industrial applications.