iLearningGlobal Review: Is This Business Opportunity Right For You?


Recently I learned of a wonderful opportunity to expand my mind and my bank account at one time. iLearningGlobal has burst upon the scene with a new and unique concept. Unlike most businesses, they do not sell a material product, but instead provide something of far greater value. The product they specialize in is education.

As a member of iLearningGlobal, you have unlimited access to their library of training videos, audio programs, and ebooks from a wide variety of experts. If you are impressed with the program, you can become a part of the income producing aspect of the business for a small additional fee. Just think, increasing your income while increasing your intellect… and helping others to do the same!

The resource database available through iLearningGlobal is very expansive and should keep even the most diligent of learners occupied for over a year. Popular topics include Sales Management, Entrepreneurialism, Wealth Building and many more. Besides your typical business related topics, there are even articles on parenting and getting good grades in school.

ILearningGlobal has a goal to not only increase their membership to over one million members by 2013, but to also make those members better at what they do and provide them with a fantastic business opportunity.

Joining iLearningGlobal is very affordable, with annual basic membership only costing $20 plus a monthly fee. Those looking for value are best off joining as a Premium Marketing member for $119. 95, which not only includes the annual fee but the first month’s membership fee as well. If you decide iLearningGlobal is not for you, it is easy to opt out since there is not contract involved.

Income is generated as a percent commission of your down line. From 3% to 7%, each of the seven tiers pays out 40% of their monthly commission to those above them. Besides the income made via commission, there are several bonuses available based on performance.

iLearningGlobal’s Chief Learning Officer, Brian Tracy, founded the company along with others in 2008. Brian is a self-made millionaire, and he shares his knowledge of money making opportunities worldwide via his books, videos, audio programs, and seminars.

Brian’s partners in starting iLearningGlobal included network marketing guru John McLelland, former NFL player and successful direst sales company partner Richmond Flowers, and sales force developer expert Bill Rowland.

A good portion of the content on iLearningGlobal is produced by some of the company’s top marketers. That is how much they believe in the product! Some of these top contributors include Dolf De Roos, Bill Bartman, Bob Proctor, Paul Martenelli, Dr. Tony Allesandra, and Dr. Ivan Misner.

The beauty of iLearningGlobal is that it will work to improve whatever other business opportunities you are involved with. The education you receive from iLearningGlobal will give you the knowledge you need to make any marketing opportunity you join a success.