Expand your Brand Awareness by Advertisement on your Shipping Boxes


Packaging was what attracts most people and therefore my focus was on advertising my brand name along with the packaging. The idea that came to my mind was distributing and shipping the steel equipment in regular shipping boxes and wooden crates. For local use, the former boxes would be the most suitable and usage of wood for shipping purposes. It was quite recent that my company had started exporting steel equipment consisting of various types of kitchenware. It was only local and national market that my business was expanded up to earlier and I took the jump to international level recently.

With a higher standard of business, the responsibilities and pressure for quality work increased too. It went on to be a little difficult to handle both, local as well as international market simultaneously as both demanded different products and packaging systems. Nothing but after the packaging process became a little confusing for me. Though there were labels and particular signs on the boxes that differentiated both from each other, many times I could not make it to the right one without any of my employees’ assistance. I wanted to find a solution not just for me but for those many more like me.

As the thoughts of upgrading the packaging in some or the other way were going through my mind, I came across a company that manufactured corrugated as well as wood crates. It had all the facilities that any shipping dealer would be looking for. From customization of boxes to ready standard boxes with bubble cushioning rolls, foam packaging, tapes and all the other things available, this company was a perfect stop! I wondered how helpful the idea of making custom crates from this company was, especially with additional packaging materials that were available to add safety to any fragile or sensitive object.

After ordering the custom made crates from these manufacturers, my problem was greatly solved. I could easily understand the difference between different equipment and that of the consignments, which were delivered on national and international market. The best part happened when the customer services of the company told me about the various types of shipping labels and advertisement prints that it offered. This was a great idea to promote my products and business during the transportation process. It not only differentiated the packaging look and feel but also made it powerful and created a unique impact.

Such great packaging was significantly used to get a good startup for any business. It influenced huge audiences and gave them a perfect place to land their kitchenware needs. I could certainly mark the rise in sales because of the direct impact of the new packaging. My company’s overall appeal crafted more profits after switching to the wood and corrugated crates ordered from this company. My brand was instantly recognizable standing out among the competition without investing a high amount. The bubble cushion rolls or foam packaging and all other services were soothing to my budget making the experience with this company highly satisfactory.