Common International Expansion Problems an International Expansion Consultant can Help You Avoid


International expansions can be so very exciting, not to mention profitable for businesses. Of course, that is only if they are done correctly. Otherwise, they can become a mass of confusion that may end up costing businesses much more than they bargained for. Hiring a consultant who understands the ebb and flow of business and can help you navigate international expansions can save you from many potential problems like the common ones mentioned below.

Neglecting Cultural Sensitivities

Every culture is different. There are different holidays, belief systems, moral codes, and common courtesies that are common to the people within these cultures. It is easy to make accidental missteps that place you in hot waters with local communities and employees alike. Part of the role your consultant plays is to make you aware of potential cultural clashes between your business and the communities you’re expanding into, so you can avoid unintentional mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Leadership

It is important to have the right leadership in place to lead the expansion process. It needs to be someone who is willing and ready to have his, or her, boots on the ground working with the local hierarchy and not some figurehead based in Toronto. Beyond that, when working with some cultures, the roles of each employee need to be clearly defined and spelled out to avoid potential confusion and make everyone aware of their place within the hierarchal chain.

Adopting an Appropriate Company Culture

What works in Toronto may not work for locations in other countries. This includes everything from the dress codes to worker expectations. Workers in some countries, for example, expect more vacation time than the average Canadian business provides. Some believe that every day is casual Friday, while in some countries, workers wear what they have and can’t afford to follow a corporate dress code. These are all things that must be considered when creating expectations and policies for businesses operating abroad.

Navigating Red Tape

This is perhaps the most important role an international expansion consultant provides. Red tape consists of all the things that are necessary in order to get your operations in another country off the ground. It can include anything from starting a bank account in that country to getting blueprints approved and complying with local, national, and environmental requirements of that country. When you hire Noel Biderman for this important role, he will help you make sure that all the necessary elements are in place for a smooth transition so you can start your expansion across borders off on the right foot.

Hiring a consultant for the small details of expanding your business internationally leaves your time free to handle the elements of your business you do best. It also helps to ensure that things aren’t lost in translation or overlooked due to a lack of experience with international expansions and what they can mean for your business. Contact Noel Biderman today to see how he can help smooth the process of expanding your particular and unique business.