Can a Security System Save You Money?


The FBI estimates that a break in occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. While the main benefit of installing a home or business security system is to prevent such burglaries, they also come with another big benefit. Installing a security system can actually save you money down the road.

Below we discuss the top ways that a security system saves you money. It’s important to take these savings into account when considering the cost of the system you’re looking at. Though the specific savings will vary depending on the system you select, you can count on just about any system to provide the following savings.

1. Prevent Theft

The most obvious cost saving benefit of a security system is theft prevention. Installing an effective one wards off intrusion and keeps your valuables safe. Because security systems often scare burglars away, they minimize damage caused by a break in.

But modern security systems aren’t just about burglaries anymore. The best models include a variety of other safety features. Chief among these are sensors to monitor environmental hazards like low temperatures and leaking pipes. Take this into account and a solid security system can save you even more money on home or business repairs in the future.

2. Lower Energy Bills

As we mentioned above, the best security systems do more than just keep your home safe from criminals. They also monitor other factors in your home. Chief among these are temperature and lighting.

Security Control Systems of St Paul, MN states that automated temperature controls and programmable lighting controls can save you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy costs. You’re even able to manage these controls remotely from your smartphone or computer for even more energy savings.

3. Insurance Discounts

Install a quality home security system and you’ll likely qualify for a homeowner’s insurance discount. Even the most basic security safeguards, like burglar alarms or dead-bolt locks, qualify for substantial discounts. Invest in a more sophisticated security system and these discounts become even bigger.


Home security systems are more effective and thorough than ever before. In addition to reducing the risk of break in, they also keep your family and home safe from environmental hazards and other emergencies. On top of all of these safety benefits, installing a security system on your home can also save you a lot of money down the line.