Business Opportunity Marketing – How to Become the Life the Party


Business opportunity marketing is like being at a big party or mixer. If you go in with guns blazing you probably won’t receive a warm welcome. It seems that many spammers have started to get the message as Facebook and other social networking sites are now shutting them down. Either way, there seems to be less undesirable content on the web surrounding business opportunities.

Now you know what the atmosphere in an upscale restaurant is like, right? Just imagine standing at the bar with a drink in one hand and your briefcase in the other. Not necessarily the picture you had in mind right? Okay, now that you realize how ridiculous you look, go put the briefcase back in the car and come on back. And lose the pocket protector while you’re at it. The key to business opportunity marketing is to appear both comfortable and attractive at the same time. This means showing subtle signs of confidence and leadership but not being cocky and obnoxious.

Just like at a party, everyone tends to gravitate to the guy that’s not too loud but has a bunch of cool stories to share. You know the one that’s interesting but not overbearing. The one that asks questions and listens with sincerity and has a true interest in others. You never want to be the one that can’t wait to spill his guts about his whole life story, with no regard for what’s important to your audience. You want to be known as the person that listens so well that people say they’ve experienced one of the best conversations they’ve ever had, though you’ve hardly said a word all night. That’s business opportunity marketing at its best.

See, telling isn’t selling, but asking is. Every time you present your business opportunity, you have a chance learn more about what makes your prospect tick. Your ultimate goal should be to discover what keeps them up at night and makes them spring out of bed in the morning.

Ultimately, you want to find out the reason why they want make a change or pursue your opportunity. For some, it’s all about the money, but for others it may be about what an additional thousand dollars a week can do for their family. Once you’ve discovered their motivation for joining your business, now you’ll have the proper fuel to reignite their fire down the road when they need a boost.

Now obviously there is more to it than this, but listening to your prospects with the purpose of understanding their basic goals and desires will give you a huge advantage over your competition who simply can’t wait to pitch their deal. The bottom line is that business opportunity marketing can be really fun and profitable when approached correctly. Your ability to share your opportunity while speaking to your prospects about the things that matter most in their lives will be the key to building a thriving business.