Business Opportunity – Discover How Generating FAITH Can Make Yours Prosper


Business opportunity – Have you ever noticed that the more insane the lie the more followers you will have believing it? You know why? Simply because people believe what they WANT to believe.

Case In Point: My dad was natural born worrier. I loved and respected my dad while he was alive on the earth, and I still do, but all I ever had to do was to tell him what he wanted to hear and he was O. K.

Lee, you got plenty of work? Yes Dad. Are your bills all paid? Yes Dad. As long as I said everything was O. K. he was happy and had peace of mind even if things were not exactly perfect. Why? Simply because I told him what he wanted to hear!

This is exactly a prime case of believing what we want to believe and yet when it comes to believing in “ourselves” (and we really do want to) we don’t!

Instead we go home and commit negative mental suicide. Our mind quietly ticks in the background that we probably won’t succeed. And when it comes to succeeding at an awesome business opportunity we use the “I CAN’T” do it, approach. Most of this is just negative programming from our childhood that runs on AUTO-PILOT.

There are some really screwed in the head misfits out there that millions of people follow. Yet when it comes to believing in themselves they fall way short. FAITH or BELIEF is what causes us to take action in our daily lives and businesses.

Action is a sign of faith. Taking action will create faith and faith will give you the “how-to” needed to “put it all in gear”. When you truly believe you are going to make it – you will stay in the game.

Faith produces action and action can produce strong desire and strong desire strengthens our purpose and commitment. The reason most people fail at MLM plans is because nobody wants to get involved with a losing team. Success breeds success.

So how does a person create faith so that you will take consistent action on a daily basis plus attract the needed circumstances to grow any business opportunity? I’m glad you asked because at the end of this chapter I have a free 6-step formula that will grow your business like crazy.

Remember how Muhammad Ali would talk about what he was gonna do to the other guy even before he got in the ring? We need to do that. We need to tell ourselves how things should be.

We need to get mean. We need to convince ourselves that we mean business. When you have a powerful belief system in place you will actually convince yourself that you will have your dream of running a profitable business opportunity.

And then all of the sudden the losers who want to pull you down run and hide. It is as if you could no longer hear or see them or even care. You see some people wouldn’t have a good day if they couldn’t tear someone down or see someone fall.

The Bible says that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”. If the two of you (you and your sub-conscious mind) will agree on anything it will be done for you.

Your need to convince your sub-conscious mind that you have the right stuff – IF you are willing to put forth well-planned consistent effort. This creates the sureness you want to move ahead past any set of problems that may arise.

After all, you do want to believe in “YOU” don’t you? When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count! It is time to upload a powerful, new message to our sub-conscious mind.

Either You Control Your Mind Or It Will Be Controlled For You.

A good example is the heart. The heart is a deadly trickster. Did you know that it will tell you a lie that will go right past your mind’s reasoning? This is why the Bible says to never listen to your heart.

Again, people believe what they WANT to believe. So be careful what you hear and start believing in “YOU” because you are REAL. Be vigilant so you don’t let bad stuff get through the door.

Here’s the main thing to remember: if you are going to believe anything that is out of the normal realm, believe in yourself. Because if you are willing to put forth consistent, well-panned effort, NOTHING is too hard to accomplish.