6 Great Business Name Ideas


Have you ever come across a great business name that immediately struck a chord? Every great business needs an equally great business name. The process of choosing the right business name for your company can be challenging. This is because there are a lot of considerations that you need to make. For starters, a great business name should be memorable, unique and suggestive of your products.

Sometimes the name of your business can also capture the objectives, aspirations and purpose of the business. There are many traditional business naming approaches that inspire catchy business names. But many times, thinking outside the box is the best approach especially in the digital world of today. With the rise of the internet and digital age in general, the business naming process has evolved dynamically. Here are a couple of business name ideas for your business.

The Blended business name

A combination of two or more words into one can result into a creative company name. Some great combinations arise when two or more words make perfect reference to the products offered or simplifies a concept. A couple of businesses have been successful in creating a blend of words that went ahead to become signature brands, for example Microsoft. Some combinations also evoke a sense of interest thus leading to the products being discovered by curious customers. Sometimes however, blended business names can be too long and misleading. So it is always important to be keen on the number of characters used when creating a name.

The Illustrative business name

This style of naming gives a vivid description of the product on offer. It is therefore easy for potential customers to associate the name with the service or product. Such names like “Easy Rides” for instance, allude to taxi or cab services because most people already associate ‘ride’ with a vehicle. Illustrative business names are excellent for marketing purposes. On the other hand, they can be too obvious and a little flat.

The Acronym-Based business name

This style is one of the most commonly used. Many businesses choose acronyms to name their business for various reasons. For instance, if the name is too long or hard to comprehend; the popular route is to make it an acronym instead. NASA, ABC, MSNBC and many others are some examples of popular business names. The challenge with this style of naming is that you might find loads of other businesses with the same name, especially those that exist in different territories or countries. Acronyms can thus be confusing and fail to differentiate your business from others of the same name.

The plain business name 

This is the kind of naming with a direct meaning that tells what the business is all about. It is the most common style of naming businesses and is usually applied on popular products. Some of the most common products in the market take this style which makes them easily accessible by customers. Since these sorts of names are obvious, it is easy to find several other businesses having the same name. It is considered unattractive by some and may obscure your business from the market.

The Unique business name 

This style includes all forms of names that are clearly different from anything in the market. The unique business name is great when it comes to branding. This style makes it easy for people to distinguish your brand clearly in the market and allows it to stand out. The style also makes it possible to have great trademarks. If your product is similarly as unique as its name, the name also becomes the brand. One thing to consider when choosing a unique business name is to make sure that it is easily memorable.

The Trendy business name 

With the tremendous rise of digital platforms, a new and dynamic style of naming businesses has been born. Businesses strategically named to go hand in hand with current events have found instant success and become overnight hits. This is especially the case with technological, entertainment and digital-oriented content. As much as this style can be a smart move in the short term, naming your business on prevailing trends can hurt the business in the long run especially if the trend goes out of fashion.

There are many business name ideas that are also named after their owners, from modified words and so on. For the most part however, these styles of naming business are bound to help you make great business names.