5 Reasons to Get a Pocket Landline Number


If you are a small business owner or a sole trader you may want to look into how your business could benefit from using a pocket landline number.

Pocket Landline is a relatively new term but it is effectively a call forwarding system which allows incoming phone calls to a landline number to be redirected to a mobile phone of your choice. You simply choose the number you want, and redirect it to a number of your choice – great if you are out and about daily but really do not want to miss any calls.

Pocket Landline Number
Pocket Landline Number

Pocket landlines are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and for very good reasons and overall benefits. If a business decides to utilise the technology of using pocket landline numbers, below are some of the benefits listed that their business will experience.

• The first and arguably best advantage to having a Pocket Landline is that you’ll never miss a call again because you weren’t at the location of your landline number, or don’t have the finances to maintain customer support whilst you are actually out taking care of the business that you are working in. The number can be redirected to you at all times of the day so that wherever you are, be it just around the corner or anywhere in the world, you can take the call.

• It also looks more professional to customers when they can a landline number with their local prefix or a 0800 number rather than a mobile number. It gives the customer peace of mind knowing they won’t be subject to expensive call charges when contacting you – when numbers aren’t recognised then this can be quite concerning for customers or potential customers and off-putting to use the number/service. Using such a system as a pocket landline number keeps customers satisfaction at a high whilst giving your business credibility.

• One of the biggest benefits if you are self-employed is that you don’t actually need to have a permanent location for your business. It can be difficult if you are a sole trader without a business residence and again can offer concern about trust or professionalism immediately, but with a pocket landline your customers never need to know and has the reassurance of using a ‘local’ number or an Freephone 0800 number.

Freephone 0800
Freephone 0800

• It allows you to expand into new areas with your business without actually having to set up a residence there or any additional members of staff. Depending on the nature of your business, this has the potential to open up not just different geographical areas BUT a whole new potential growth in your overall business.

• It is a quick and easy way to help promote your business without spending a lot of money. Pocket landlines are relatively cheap and can be set up with monthly packages with fixed rates so you never have to worry about sudden unexpected bills.

The overall benefits are that you can stay in touch with your customers and your customers/potential customers can be in contact with you – and in today’s world of communication, this is an absolute necessity.