Stats say that only two third businesses use content marketing. It means that one third of these are still writing content which is not so effective to tempt consumers to choose their products or services.

How can these one third companies start channelling their money and other resources on an efficient content marketing?

There are some free tools which can help us to deliver quality content and share it with the world. 10 of these are listed below:

  1. Grammarly: One may find it difficult to edit own work but it is so unnerving to spot the mistakes because sometimes we assume that we are writing everything correctly but we don’t. Grammarly is an application which has got both free version and paid version. It will help you to spot all the grammatical mistakes which can be missed by a spell check application.’


  1. Google’s URL Builder: This application enables you to create URLs which can be tracked and you will be able to know the region from which that URL has been checked. Hence, it enables you to tell whether your content marketing strategy is working fine or not.
  2. Buzzsumo: This is another tool which comes up with ideas. It helps you to spot the topics which are mostly shared on the web. You will be able to know whether people are talking about the title or topic on which you are working. Knowing which things get shared mostly will provide you an idea of what is popular.
  3. Hemingway Editor: This application helps us to write clear and easily readable content. Content which is easy to understand and read is shared more frequently. If you think that you not a very good writer, this application will certainly help you.
  4. Buffer: Buffer helps you to share the posts written by you. This applications makes it real simple to share the posts on social portals on any scheduled time.
  5. Portent’s Idea Generator:All you need to do is to enter the major or subject and this application starts generating ideas as titles.
  6. Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer: This application analyses headlines and let you know whether the headline for your title is good enough or not. Hence, it will help you to create better titles which people may want like to read.
  7. IFFT -If This Then That: If you want to make sure that people read the content that you have created. You should use this application. This applications connects to other applications which you use and automates social sharing.
  8. ly: There are a number of categories and expertise regarding content writing. Infographics are one of those. This application helps you to generate infographics with the use of templates.
  9. The Takeaway: Huge budget isn’t required to create high quality content. You will need interest and dedication for creating and posint quality content for your target consumers.